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First Consulation Missoula Divorce Lawyer

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Choosing a private attorney is often a stressful event full of uncertainty, especially if you’ve never hired a lawyer before. Don’t worry, we are here to help you – not intimidate you.

We are the Judnich Law Office in Missoula, Montana. Our goal is to make your initial consultation an opportunity to learn, get your questions answered, and make a game plan. We are not moving mountains at the first consultation and it can be as short as a couple of minutes, or as long as a couple of hours.

If You Hire Us, Your Consultation is FREE

Almost every one of our clients has told us the most intimidating part of a first consultation is the expectation of money. Lawyers are not free, right? So, what should you expect?

Here is how our practice works: We will provide you with an initial consultation, as long or as short as you want. It can be in person or over the phone.

If you hire our firm to represent you in a family law matter, the initial consultation is FREE.

The Cost of Legal Representation

As a general rule, we usually require a retainer of $5,000 to begin working on a case. However, less complicated cases may require a lower retainer.

If you decide that you are not ready, or you just don’t want to hire an attorney yet, that is OK.

Be aware however, that we can’t spend our days offering free consultations to folks who don’t end up hiring us. That just doesn’t make business sense. If you’re not ready to hire a lawyer or you choose to hire a different attorney, we will bill you according to our current fee schedule.

Contact Us: You are Not Alone

If you’re ready to schedule your initial consultation, contact us.

We’ll answer your questions and help you develop a better understanding of your situation. We have been here before, and have dealt with just about every situation out there.

You are not alone.

Don’t wait another minute.

Start the rest of your life today and contact us now.

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